Information2 Software landed on the Science and Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming the first listed company in China’s data replication industry.

2023-12-19 post in Company news

On January 19, 2023, Beijing time, Shanghai Information2 Software Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Information2 Software”) was officially listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange under the stock code of 688435, with an offering price of RMB 38.66 per share, an opening price of RMB 90.01, and proceeds of RMB 809 million. After this offering, the company became the first domestic listed company focusing on the data replication industry. Mr. Junqing Hu, Chairman and CEO of Information2, firstly expressed his heartfelt thanks to all levels of government, users, partners, investors, service organizations, industry players, and the Information2 team for their companionship along the way. Mr. Junqing Hu said, “The listing of Information2 Software means […]

IDC: Information2 Software Consecutively Ranked The First Among Chinese Software Vendors And The Second Among Global Software Vendors

2023-12-15 post in Company news

Recently,IDC published the Report of China Data Replication and Protection Market Overview, 2023H1 (Abbr, the report). In 2023, Information2 Software ranked the first among Chinese software vendors and the second among global software vendors in PRC data disaster replication and protection market, according to the report. This is the seventh consecutive year that Information2 Software ranked the first among Chinese software vendors! Under the formulation of Digital China Plannation, as digital technology evolved and practices deepen continuesly, the importance of data disaster recovery system construction has become increasingly prominent, and the market size is expected to grow rapidly. In 2021, the MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of The People Republic of China) clearly mentions the importance of data backup and disaster recovery in software […]

Fuzhou University: 211 University’s “Disaster Recovery 1-1-2”

2019-09-30 post in Company news

Founded in 1958, Fuzhou University is a key university with evenly-developing academic multi-disciplines. In order to further strengthen the anti-risk ability of the system, Fuzhou University plans to build a database disaster recovery system, which can ensure that data recovery and business takeover can be realized quickly in the case of system downtime, human error deletion, extortion virus and other abnormal circumstances. According to the actual situation of Fuzhou University, and through in-depth evaluation of the project, a perfect and executable disaster recovery implementation plan, namely “disaster recovery 1-1-2”, was finally formulated. A Fusion Solution Combining with the basic situation of Fuzhou University, the engineers of Information2 suggest to adopt the integrated disaster recovery all-in-one machine and software solutions of Information2,so as to realize the rapid construction and […]

Daxing Airport was officially opened

2019-09-30 post in Company news

On September 25, Beijing Daxing International Airport, known as the top of “New Seven Wonders of the World”, was officially opened. As one of the largest airports built within 20 years, Daxing Airport currently has four runways, 700,000 square meter terminal and 92 contact stands. Daxing Airport is expected to meet the demand of 100 million passengers per year. For such a large scale of passenger flow, many core systems, including dispatching system, need to run well or even perfectly. Therefore, how to ensure the continuous operation of related business is very important. In order to solve this problem, Daxing Airport has introduced disaster recovery high availability products of Information2, i2Availability and i2CS. i2Availability as an application-level high availability protection software, can provide business protection for the core system, and realize […]

Haitong Securities using Object Storage to Overcome IT Difficulties

2019-09-30 post in Company news

With the rapid development of securities business, these traditional storage architectures often have a series of problems, such as difficulty of capacity expansion, lower access speed and limitation of data migration. These points make users eager to find a new storage solution. After evaluations, the Dell EMC+i2DTO solution that proposed by Information2 was adopted. In specific application, i2DTO can backup massive unstructured data of NAS storage to object-oriented storage, which reduces the cost of storage and maintenance. At the same time, i2DTO can also restore the backup data from object-oriented storage to the storage of production host. After detailed solution integration and system product testing, the solution of Dell EMC+i2DTO project was deployed successfully. Haitong Securities makes real-time backup for PB-level unstructured […]

Disaster Recovery Construction of Nanjing Housing Fund Information Center

2019-09-30 post in Company news

For the security of information center, according to relevant laws and regulations, Nanjing Housing Fund Information Center has put forward that data not only need to realize real-time replication from production site to DR site, but also can have point-in-time recovery right before the time when virus, logic error and other failure happened in production end. Information2 have proposed a solution to protect the data of OA system by continuous data protection solution of i2CDP. i2CDP can provide continuous protection for users’ key data, realize real-time copy of changed data to DR site, and record any changes of data in a log method, so that the changes of data can be traced. Therefore, when the system encounters some abnormal situations such […]

The Peoples Hospital of Liaoning Provincial: Integrated Disaster Recovery Construction of Oracle RAC and Virtualization Platform

2019-09-30 post in Company news

Disaster Recovery Framework of the People’s Hospital of Liaoning Province The Peoples Hospital of Liaoning Province, under the guidance of relevant regulations in the medical industry, actively carries out the disaster recovery construction of medical information system to ensure the data will not be lost and the business will not stop when failures happened. At that time, the hospital need to complete disaster recovery for Oracle RAC environment, and one-by-one application takeover for 30 business systems running on cloud platform, and centralized data backup for 50 business systems. The People’s Hospital of Liaoning Province built the disaster recovery system with Information2, so as to prevent system breakdown from its own medical system firstly. The whole process of disaster recovery construction is as follows: 1) The hospital […]

i2 helps Hytera to Build a New Benchmark for intra-city Disaster recovery

2019-09-30 post in Company news

Hytera is a leading private network communications solutions and equipment vendor. In order to better respond to emergencies and improve the overall IT system’s capabilities against disasters, Hytera plans to build an application-level disaster recovery center in Shenzhen, which can back up the data and application in Shenzhen system to intra-city IDC, thus achieving “intra-city disaster recovery”. According to Hytera’s actual situation, Information2 proposed a corresponding solution: using i2CDP to realize continuous protection of application layer without changing the original production framework and infrastructure. i2CDP(Continuous Data Protection)can ensure the data in production servers and disaster recovery servers to be real-time and con through the byte-level replication technology. Data of i2CDP mainly includes baseline (full backup), incremental data and I/O operation log. Browsing operation logs of i2CDP on the management console, users can restore data to point-in-time one, which is effective in different disaster scenarios. it can also load and run […]

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