WannaCry vs True CDP
The eternal blue WannaCry is a notorious "worm" type of blackmail virus software, the size of 3.3MB, which is spread by illegal molecules using the dangerous leak "EnternalBlue" leaked by NAS, causing more than 100 thousand computers in more than 100 countries and regions to be attacked and infected by extortion viruses.The application system and database files of some large enterprises can not work properly after being encrypted.
Info2soft True CDP is the leading technology solution for continuous data protection technology, providing continuous, uninterrupted protection of critical data and quickly recovering data to any time-point they needed. I2CDP copies the changed data to the disaster recovery center in real time. It also records any changes of data into a log manner to achieve traceability of data changes. In any case, the data change log can be used to quickly locate the time-point which was required for recovery, then recovery the data to the exception point with one simple click.
Preparation for the Virus test
Production end: Windows Server2008、Oracle 11g
Backup end: CentOS 6.4
Backup library: Windows Server2008、Oracle 11g
*Installation package:
Controller: info2soft-ctrlcenter-6.1-21441.exe
Node: info2soft-i2node-6.1-21441.x86_64.exe
Environment and Steps
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