Product overview
i2CDP(Continuous Data Protection) At the same time, the change data is copied to disaster preparedness server in real time, and the change of data is recorded in the form of log. In the case of system failure, according to the data change log, fast locating the time point requiring recovery and restoring the data key to the anomaly point can ensure the security and business continuity of the data.
Porduct features
Rich and Flexible Protection Strategies
Byte-level replication and efficient transmission
True CDP
Guarantee data recovery at any point in time
Independent research and development
Meet the trend of localization
Independent of hardware and software environment
Easy operation
Application scenario
Prevention and recovery of extortion virus
Data local/remote disaster recovery
Real-time backup of data
Database Data Protection
Compatibility List
Windows:Windows Server 2003R2, Windows Server 2008 and above, Windows XP, Windows10, etc.
Linux: CentOS 4.4 and above, including CentOS 6.5, 7.0, CentOS 7.1, etc.; Redhat 4.8 and above, SUSE10sp1 and above
Others:Winning the standard unicorn 6.5, winning the standard unicorn 7.2, etc.; various virtualization platforms, Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, VMware, KVM

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