Product overview
i2Stream is a data stream replication management software. It uses a real-time data stream synchronization technology of database based on log extraction analysis. It can get data from various structured databases, and ensure the integrity and reliability of data. The system realizes data extraction and replication, and real-time data transmission to message queues such as Kafka. In the process of data replication, i2Stream acts as Kafka Producer. It parses production data from relational database and writes it to Kafka platform in real time. It provides a high performance, fault-tolerant, easy-to-use and flexible real-time data flow platform suitable for large data environment and helps users expand real-time data integration architecture to big data platform without affecting the performance of production system.
Product characteristics
low-impact data acquisition
Validity and Data Consistency
Graphical Management
Data Validation
Good Compatibility
Application scenario
Data Synchronization of Big Data Platform
Data Extraction of Database
Heterogeneous Database Synchronization
Compatibility List
Operating system:Windows、RHEL5、RHEL6、RHEL7、SUSE11、SUSE12、AIX6、AIX7 ;
Database support: Ccompatible with Oracle/MySQL/Postgre/SQL Server, etc.

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