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Jianhua Huang
Director of Research Department, East China University of Technology
Building Noah's Ark of Information System
The development and popularization of modern information and network technology have a profound impact on the industrial structure, production activities and management decisions of the society. Cloud computing, big data, block chain and artificial intelligence have become a powerful engine to promote China's economic growth. "Internet +" has become an innovative driving force. The Internet develops new forms of business, promotes the continuous evolution of economic forms, thus driving the vitality of social and economic entities, and provides a broad network platform for reform, innovation and development.
Information system is the basic platform for enterprises and organizations to operate. Data is the core resource related to their own interests. Industrial production, enterprise management, social governance and personnel exchange in the information age need strong support from IT infrastructure and business systems. Taking e-commerce platform as an example, the shutdown of business system will not only stop trading, damage data, bring great losses to enterprises, but also affect user experience and lead to user loss. In colleges and universities, multimedia teaching, campus management, scientific research experiments and various campus activities can not be separated from the support of information systems, once problems arise. It will result in students not being able to choose courses, teaching interruption, and loss of scientific research experimental data, which will have a serious impact on the follow-up work. Therefore, business continuity and data availability are related to the survival of enterprises, social governance, education development and other aspects. It is very important to ensure the data and business security of information systems and provide continuous services for the operation of enterprises and organizations.
With the development of information technology into a national strategy, the state pays more and more attention to the protection and protection of information security, and incorporates "information security" into the overall national security concept. More and more individuals and units are gradually aware of the urgency and necessity of building a security system for information systems. It is the so-called "thinking about dangers in safety and thinking about principles". Be prepared, be prepared.
As an educator, I have been engaged in network information system security education and management for more than 30 years. I have witnessed many disasters of information system, and participated in the planning, design, evaluation and construction of disaster preparedness system in many industries. I have deeply realized that disaster preparedness construction can guarantee enterprise information system security. The importance of business. As a scientific and technological enterprise focusing on data security and business continuity management, Info2 company pays attention to summing up the experience of disaster preparedness construction and management in multi-industry. It shows strong independent innovation ability in the field of data security and business continuity. It can provide reliable technical support services for users in various industries. The company's mature disaster preparedness technology products and perfect disaster preparedness support system can build a solid "Noah's Ark" for information systems.
Disaster preparedness is the use of IT technology to protect the data and applications of information systems, to ensure the security of data when the system suffers from disasters, and to provide an important guarantee for business continuity and data availability. This white paper introduces the technical knowledge, implementation plan and application results of disaster preparedness from the concepts, norms and cases of disaster preparedness. It covers almost all the disaster preparedness system architecture and technical solutions, which are comprehensive, technical, professional and easy to understand. It can serve as a "guide" for beginners as well as a manager. The "technical manual" of the staff is not very common in such white papers. info2 companies spend a lot of manpower and material resources to compile the disaster preparedness industry white paper, and selflessly share the important achievements of their front-line engineers in the industry practice with the vast number of IT practitioners and disaster preparedness technicians. It also reflects the original intention and mission of Info2 companies to "prepare for the rainy day, prevent the rainy day before it happens, and make the world ready for it".
Junqing Hu
Shanghai Information2 Software Co., Ltd. CEO
Prepared for Anything!
In today's world, the fourth industrial revolution, represented by Internet industrialization, industrial intellectualization and industrial integration, has come quietly. In this process, the new technological revolution has brought about the rapid convergence, management and utilization of data and information, and has benefited all aspects of society.
China is one of the participants and leaders of this technological revolution. The Chinese government, from "Internet +" to "made in China 2025", is keeping pace with the times and points out the future development direction for the whole industry. China's high-speed railway, mobile payment, quantum communication, Beidou navigation and other Chinese business cards are the inevitable result of the rapid improvement of production and economic benefits brought by industrial informatization. In these huge areas of industrial informatization, more and more people and units have realized that the role of information security system is very critical. To this end, the Chinese government has upgraded the work of information security to the national strategic level, and formulated relevant laws and regulations to implement them.
Disaster preparedness, known as the last line of defense of enterprise information security, is one of the guarantee systems of industrial information operation in the new era. Its ultimate goal is to ensure that organizational units do not lose data, business is not stopped, in a specified period of time to continue to provide services to the outside world. I think that's also the value of the Info2. Today, the Info2 has been able to quickly retrieve the lost data for customers, to make users'business sustainable, and in the process of operation, abandon many uncertainties of traditional disaster recovery backup, so that the whole disaster preparedness operation and maintenance system is more convenient, intelligent, safe and economic.
All of this can not be separated from the benefits brought by the rapid change of information technology to the industry. As a high-tech enterprise focusing on disaster recovery and business high-availability for a long time, the Info2 always pays attention to the latest developments in disaster preparedness at home and abroad, and summarizes a lot of valuable practical experience in the long-term disaster preparedness construction practice.
This white paper is the result of the work of our engineers all over the country. Especially in the field of industry practice, it elaborates the disaster preparedness situation of eight major industries in great detail, hoping to bring enlightenment to you. At the same time, we hope that you can put forward more valuable opinions and jointly serve the healthy development of the industry.
Prepare for rain, prevent trouble, and prepare for everything! This is the mission of the Info2.We are well aware of the difficulty and difficulty of reaching this mission, but this does not shake our determination to carry out disaster preparedness to the end. In the software industry, Chinese enterprises have been in the stage of imitation learning for a long time, but with the acceleration of China's global development strategy and the localization of core software technology, we are in the golden age of turning overtaking.
Only when a nation has a group of people looking up at the stars can it have hope. Today, the info2 vision of building an efficient IT asset protection system to serve global customers is being realized step by step.
Tian Yu
President of China Branch of International Disaster Recovery Association
Prepare for rains and prepare for dangers
The rapid development of Internet application technology in China is accelerating the construction of an Ecosphere centered on Internet commerce. In order to provide services to users uninterruptedly all day, enterprises must ensure the stable and reliable operation of their shopping websites, especially during the annual "Double 11" shopping crazy festival, enterprises must ensure the continuity of their e-commerce websites'external services. Therefore, business continuity management has been attached great importance by more and more enterprises, including e-commerce.
In the past ten years, although business continuity management has been applied more and more in large enterprises such as finance and telecommunications in China, its application scope is still limited to a few key areas. More and more industries do not have a high awareness of business continuity management, and have not yet realized the close relationship between business continuity management and its survival and development. 。
In fact, in many major disasters, such as "Wenchuan earthquake, 911 terrorist attacks, Hurricane Katrina", many enterprises have suffered irreparable losses because they have not established business continuity management system and business continuity plan.
On the other hand, with the continuous improvement of China's social informationization index, the vigorous development of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other frontier technologies, which bring many conveniences to human life and production, at the same time, it is also subjected to more and more network attacks, extortion virus, fishing software and other rampant threats. How to ensure the organization's information security and business continuity, so that the organization calmly cope with all kinds of catastrophes and minor disasters, is the common challenge faced by most enterprises.
Disaster recovery (disaster preparedness) plays an important role in realizing organizational business continuity. Therefore, it is very meaningful to study and discuss the development of disaster preparedness technology, summarize various practical and effective disaster preparedness schemes and their implementation experience for relevant practitioners in all walks of life to refer to in practice. Matter. As a long-term practitioner in the field of disaster preparedness in China, the Info2 company can devote so much time to organizing many experienced experts to sum up their valuable knowledge and experience accumulated in the practice of disaster preparedness projects in various industries for a long time, and to compile a white paper on disaster preparedness technology and share it selflessly, which is really valuable.
DRI International is a non-profit academic institution dedicated to promoting knowledge of business continuity and disaster recovery through professional training activities, and accrediting individuals with international authority in the field of BC/DR.
As the head of DRI China, I have been privileged to participate in and witness the disaster preparedness construction and development of all walks of life in China for many years. From the perspective of business continuity management, I have provided my own suggestions for disaster preparedness construction of many enterprises and helped enterprises understand business continuity management methods for disaster preparedness. Important guiding significance of preparatory construction. In particular, I am very glad to cooperate with professional companies like the Info2, which focus on disaster preparedness product development and service and master core disaster preparedness technology, to promote business continuity management and disaster preparedness technology knowledge and application in various industries, to help enterprises prepare for various emergencies, and to ensure that enterprises have the ability to resist any kind of emergencies. The ability to attack disasters is just what we call "taking precautions and preparing for disaster". This white paper on disaster preparedness technology, which gathers the opinions of experts from all walks of life, covers a wide range of contents and involves a very professional technology. As far as I know, it is rare for China to systematically and comprehensively discuss the professional materials of disaster preparedness technology, and even fewer of them are free and open. Since 2016, Info2 companies have been spending a lot of time organizing experts to compile a white paper on disaster preparedness technology in China, which is selflessly shared by the majority of disaster preparedness practitioners. It really reflects that Info2 companies should play a leading role in disaster preparedness industry.
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Index of the book
  • 1.1 Definition and Evolution of Disaster Preparedness
  • 1.2 Importance of disaster preparedness
  • 1.3 Mode of Information Disaster Preparedness
  • 1.4 Information Knowledge and Technology
  • 1.5 Three levels of disaster preparedness
  • 1.6 Summary of Disaster Preparedness Technology
  • 2.1 International Standards and Regulations
  • 2.2 DR and BCM related certification
  • 3.1 Trilogy of Disaster Preparedness and Construction
  • 3.2 Disaster recovery drill
  • 3.3 Expert services(ADTIS)
  • 3.4 Evaluation of disaster preparedness service quality
  • 4.1 Cloud on business
  • 4.2 Cloud disaster preparedness
  • 4.3 Cloud disaster preparedness business model
  • 4.4 Main Product Forms of Cloud Disaster Preparedness
  • 5.1 Characteristic and Scheme Analysis of Disaster Preparedness Construction of Government and Organizations
  • 5.2 Characteristic and Scheme Analysis of Disaster Preparedness Construction in Financial Industry
  • 5.3 Characteristic and Scheme Analysis of Disaster Preparedness Construction in Medical and Health Industry
  • 5.4 Characteristics and Scheme Analysis of Disaster Preparedness Construction in Manufacturing Industry
  • 5.5 Characteristic and Scheme Analysis of Disaster Preparedness Construction in Education Industry
  • 5.6 Characteristic and Scheme Analysis of Disaster Preparedness Construction for Telecom Operators
  • 5.7 Characteristic and Scheme Analysis of Disaster Preparedness Construction in Energy Industry
  • 6.1 Market Scale of Disaster Preparedness
  • 6.2 Main trend
  • 《China Disaster Preparedness Industry White Paper 2021》









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