Information2 Software landed on the Science and Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming the first listed company in China’s data replication industry.


On January 19, 2023, Beijing time, Shanghai Information2 Software Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Information2 Software”) was officially listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange under the stock code of 688435, with an offering price of RMB 38.66 per share, an opening price of RMB 90.01, and proceeds of RMB 809 million. After this offering, the company became the first domestic listed company focusing on the data replication industry.

Mr. Junqing Hu, Chairman and CEO of Information2, firstly expressed his heartfelt thanks to all levels of government, users, partners, investors, service organizations, industry players, and the Information2 team for their companionship along the way.

Mr. Junqing Hu said, “The listing of Information2 Software means that the company has successfully landed in the capital market, which is a new starting point for the company. We will firmly grasp this valuable opportunity, continue to increase investment in research and development, expand the marketing network, provide customers with better quality products and services, continue to achieve rapid growth in performance, and maximize the win-win situation for customers, employees, society and shareholders. We hope that you will continue to care about and support Information2, and that we will develop healthily and steadily, and build Information2 into a high-quality listed company with strong sustainable growth.”

Founded in 2011, Information2 is a basic software company focusing on data replication. Its main business revolves around data elements, a rich and cutting-edge application scenario, and provides users with product solutions such as data security, hybrid cloud disaster recovery versus backup, database synchronization, data migration, data copy management, and big data collection and distribution.

Reviewing the company’s development history, Information2 started from Shanghai IC Design Incubation Base, following the Huangpu District Government’s efforts to build a “3+3+X” industrial system, the company focuses on the research and development of kernel-level data replication core technology and innovation, and took the first step to break the long-standing monopoly of foreign companies on the relevant replication technology.

Since its establishment, Information2 has been climbing up the ladder and making great progress. With the support and efforts of users, partners, investors and employees, Information2 has not only realized the localization of the world’s advanced data replication technology at the technical level, but also matured and completed the layout at the market level. At present, the company has a wide range of user groups and brand awareness in the fields of finance, government affairs, medical care, operators and so on.

    In terms of industry market share, Information2 has been ranked as the No. 1 professional vendor in China for four consecutive times in the global vendor ranking in the IDC software market segment. Information2’s excellent performance in the data replication track is due to its significant competitive advantages:

Focus on underlying kernel-level technology, standardized product delivery

Information2’s core technologies are all self-developed and have high technical barriers. With more than 10 years of continuous R&D investment, we have gradually formed three core technology systems represented by “dynamic file byte-level replication, database semantic-level replication and volume-level block-level replication”, and four major product lines: “disaster recovery versus backup, big data and cloud disaster recovery”, Nearly 30 standardized products can be quickly delivered to various users. The products can be operated visually through the unified data management platform, with low learning and usage costs and simple maintenance.

Wide range of application scenarios and significant advantages of combinations

Information2’s products cover classic application scenarios such as disaster recovery versus backup, data security, hybrid cloud disaster recovery, database synchronization, data migration, etc., and also extend to more application areas such as intelligent disaster recovery management, data replica management, data flow management, big data collection and distribution, data following, data desensitization and so on. Under multi-scenario, multi-demand, heterogeneous infrastructure environment, the company’s combination of products can meet the user’s multi-level, multi-strategy, diversified needs, and has obvious advantages in the field of governmental cloud, big data and so on.

Full eco-chain cooperation, many benchmark cases for head users

Information2 has cooperated with major enterprises in the industry chain at home and abroad on ecology and channels, including Huawei, Xinhua San, Wave, Dawning, Tencent Cloud, Ali Cloud, Jingdong Cloud, etc., and has completed compatibility adaptation with more than a hundred product models in the industry. It has a high-quality customer base represented by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Haitong Securities, Guotai Junan, Dongfang Securities, Huitian Fortune Fund, Fortune Fund, Guangfa Fund, Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Bureau, Jiangsu Big Data Bureau, Mobile Cloud, etc. The number of users is growing steadily and the repurchase rate is high.

In addition to the accumulation of its own technical products and hard power, Information2’s successful listing is also inseparable from the favorable policies frequently released by the state. In recent years, from the network security law to the “equal protection 2.0”, from the “14th Five-Year Plan” digital economy development plan to the East counts the West counts, from the domestic substitution to the “data twenty”, intensive policies have helped Yingfang Software enter a period of rapid development. Information2 has entered a period of rapid development, and the company’s “data security, big data, domestic software, east counting, west counting, digital economy” and other tracks have also exploded with huge growth potential.


With the passage of time, we have opened a new chapter. After more than ten years of innovation and development, Information2 has delivered an eye-catching “answer sheet” to the industry – successfully landing on the capital market in 2023, which will lead the data replication related industry into a new stage of development.

After the listing, Information2 will be committed to continue to increase the investment in research and development of hard-core technology, strengthen the competitiveness of a single product at the same time, and continue to form a combination of advantages of the product, and invest more resources to the overseas market, to provide better products and services for the users of all walks of life, and to return to the community, investors, and all sectors of society with excellent performance.


Thank you again for your love and support over the years, let us go to the starry sea of data replication!

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