Product overview
I2Share builds a secure, stable and efficient enterprise cloud disk and electronic document security management system based on file storage and sharing technology to realize centralized storage and management of data. It provides richer file synchronization, sharing and management functions, as well as better data privacy protection and group collaboration functions. Documents can be managed at any time and anywhere in the enterprise or mobile office scene. I2Share builds a unified, safe and convenient document management system through file sharing, collaboration and connecting each employee and user. It helps enterprises effectively improve the utilization rate of resources integration, reduce the hidden dangers of information security and construction costs, and strengthen team cooperation.
Common Problems in Enterprise Document Management
Product advantage
Multi-terminal synchronization
Support the same account login on multiple terminals, support synchronization between all devices
Full History Version Recovery
Implement version tracking for files, save all historical versions
Perfect Sharing Management
Direct link sharing saves storage resources and bandwidth, supports encryption and password verification
Collaborative Application of Documents
Supporting online collaboration and communication, more than 100 documents can be previewed Online
Open multiple interfaces
Flexible seamless docking with existing applications to support AD and LDAP protocol access
Efficient back office management
Implementing the management of classification and sharing based on user, group, enterprise and other organizational structures
Custom Label Management
Customizable tags for document management and induction
Advanced functions
File Security Access
Unique Identification, Secure Transport, Privilege Setting
Encrypted storage
Encrypted Storage, Privacy Protection
Cloud compatibility
Support mainstream cloud platform object storage < br > fast build private, hybrid Cloud Architecture
Address Book Backup and Recovery
Mobile supports audio and video synchronization function and address book, short message, call record, address book and other data backup and recovery.
Partial deployment
Centralized Distributed Deployment, Support Object Storage Architecture, Rapid Horizontal Expansion
Three level member management
System Administrator/Security Confidentiality Administrator/Security Audit Administrator
Customer case
Project revenue:
Pictures, videos, documents and other unstructured data backup; to meet the needs of prison staff across departments and mobile office; multi-level authority management, making data security effectively guaranteed;
Project revenue:
To provide unified document management services for intranet users, sharing management and collaborative sharing of internal documents are realized;
desktop documents are centralized storage independent of the system, and document access is completely unaffected by the system;
at the same time, it strengthens the management and control of documents by IT and ensures the security of document assets;
document multi-terminal synchronization, After completing the document task, the data is automatically synchronized to the external network document integration machine.;

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