Product overview
i2FFO (Full Server Backup software) can back up the whole system into a virtual machine file under the Linux/Windows operating system, and quickly restore the system in the backup server when a failure occurs. It is suitable for system backup, non-stop migration, data backup before upgrading and other scenarios.
Product characteristics
Simple and Efficient, No Time Window of Backup
No share storage is required; implement and maintain can be conducted in any distance; there is no need to reconfigure the application of the target machine. Moreover, i2FFO can support direct virtualization backup, whose backup data can be directly pulled up in VMware platform quickly, to reduce RTO.
Good Platform Compatibility
Support data backup in heterogeneous hardware, and the backup data can be restored to any platform, including but not limited to AWS, Azure, Huawei, H3C, VMware and other physical and cloud platforms.
Without Downtime and Business Impactn
The backup process supports online live backup without downtime, during which application of the source does not need to stop. User can monitor the whole backup process in the graphic interface.
Less Bandwidth and More Data Security
Support data compression and encryption in backup process; save bandwidth consumption by multi-level compression; support user-defined directories of the source machine to back up.
Application scenario
Full Server Data Recovery
Full Server Data Backup
Compatibility List
B/S architecture, compatible with popular browsers, such as IE, FireFox, Google, etc.
Source and target support mainstream cloud platforms, including but limited to AWS, Azure, Huawei Fusion Sphere, H3C, VmWare, Physical Machine, Private Cloud, Public Cloud Platform, etc.
Source and target platforms support public cloud, physical server
Mainstream Linux/Windows OS support
Software and platform are loosely coupled, and can be applied to public cloud versions. The version upgrade of cloud platform does not affect tool compatibility.

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