Product overview
i2Availability is an application-level high-availability protection software. On data layer, it captures production data in real time manner and replicates to standby server; on Application layer, it monitors the running status. If any failure (such as service stop, network outage, hardware failure, system downtime) causes business unreachable, the application can be switched to standby server. Thus, business continuity can be realized and the service interruption can be reduced to the minimum.
Product characteristics
Fast Switching of Applications
Graphical Management
Platforms Independent of Hardware and Software
Safety and Reliability
Application scenario
Application-level High Availability between Heterogeneous Virtualization Platforms
Application-Level High Availability between Local and Cloud Host
Application-level High Availability between any Public or Private Cloud
Application-level High Availability of Remote and Private Network
Compatibility List
Operating system:compatible with SUSE Linux, Redhat, Ubuntu and Windows, including but not limited to SUSE Linux 11 or Windows Server 2012, and continue to support the corresponding updated versions; compatible with NeoKylin, RedFlag, FreeBSD, etc.
Application software: Support but not limited to Oracle, DB2, Cache, MySQL, Informix, SQL_Server, Exchange, Lotus Notes, Sybase ASE, etc.
Virtualization Platform:Supports but is not limited to HyperV, VMware, Citrix, OpenStack and other domestic virtualization platforms such as Huawei Fusion-Shpere, H3C, Lenovo, Sugon, Inspur, etc.
Public Cloud Platform:Support but not limited to Ali Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Grand Cloud, Baidu Cloud, AWS, Azure, Huawei Cloud, Ucloud, QingCloud and other cloud platforms.

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