Product overview
It integrates disaster recovery software and cloud computing platform, provides an open billing interface, and centralizes the management of multiple tenants to offer cloud-based DR services. It is suitable for operator-level users and can provide remote disaster recovery service. Tenants can transmit the data and applications to cloud platform, make them isolated and safely managed.
Product characteristics
Support Multiple Cloud Storage
Byte-level Incremental Data Capture
Graphical Management
Fully Support Kinds of Applications
Efficient and Safe
Compatibility List
Windows:Windows Server 2003R2、Windows Server 2008 and above,Windows XP、Windows10 etc;
Linux:CentOS 4.4 and above,includes CentOS 6.5、7.0、CentOS 7.1 etc;Redhat 4.8 and above,SUSE10sp1 and above;
Others:Kirin 6.5, Kirin 7.2 and other virtualization platforms , Hyper-V,Citrix XenServer,VMware,KVM。

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