Usage scenarios
Business continuity is demanded and application services can not be interrupted
Application supporting binding IP
Intranet environment can achieve IP drift, even if business binds IP, it can also achieve high availability.
Local to Cloud High Availability
Running applications locally while creating high availability in the cloud to prevent extreme situations
High availability in different places
Use scenarios suitable for disaster preparedness needs of two locations and three centers
Short switching time
Suitable for high demand for business continuity, it can realize second-order minute-level switching and takeover.
Scheme framework
1. High-availability architecture can choose one-to-one architecture when high-availability applications are the same, which can effectively avoid conflicts caused by simultaneous takeover of applications; when high-availability applications are different, it can choose many-to-one architecture, which can not interfere with each other, but also save resources effectively.
2. Controller plays the role of monitoring and arbitration. It can set up the network and process monitoring. When the network interrupts or the process fails, the controller can issue commands to switch and take over.
3. In intranet environment, IP drift can be realized. When taking over, it will automatically change to source IP. After source recovery, data can be restored to source, and IP can be restored back to source, so as to realize uninterrupted business.
  Customer case
Haitong Securities
Easy operation and maintenance, high availability of core securities business disaster tolerance
People's Procuratorate of Zhejiang Province
Establishment of Two Places and Three Centers
Liaoning Provincial People's Hospital
Provincial third-level A, ensure the uninterrupted hospital service
Saudi ZAIN Operator
Crossing 410 km, Mixed IT Architecture Crossing City Disaster Recovery

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