Product overview
Traditional NAS storage is based on file system. In the era of large data, storage capacity and access speed become bottlenecks of traditional storage. The advantage of object-oriented storage is that it is a device connected to the network, does not need the intervention of the file system, has a certain degree of intelligence, and can automatically manage the data distribution on it. The performance it provides is difficult to achieve by other storage structures. Direct access through the URL, fast access speed, in addition to good scalability and security. In order to solve the problem of traditional storage, i2DTO arises at the historic moment. It migrates data from traditional NAS storage to object-oriented storage or local storage (localFS), and updates access address after file migration through i2DTO mapping. Support for LocalFS - > Object Storage, Object Storage - > Object Storage Comparisons and Synchronization, and Linux Synchronization Host.
Product characteristics
Graphical operation
Convenient management
Multiple deployment forms
Flexible data transmission
Supporting multiple object storage
Application scenario
Traditional Storage Massive Data Migration
Cloud Backup of Image Data
Storage migration of cloud objects
Compatibility List
Control Computer Supported System:Windows2008R2 and above,Only 64 bits supported. It is recommended that the controller [4-core CPU, 16-gigabyte memory, 500-gigabyte disk space]
Windows synchronizer Supported Systems:Windows2008R2 and above,Only 64 bits supported
Linux synchronizer Supported Systems:centos6.x_64 bit、centos7.x_64 bit
Operating System Supported by Production Machine:Windows2003 and above,both 32bit and 64 bit supported

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