Product overview
i2masking is a data masking software, which helps users to transform some sensitive data through masking rules, and can automatically identify sensitive fields in the database, such as ID number and bank account number, to form a sensitive information list for users' reference, so that those data after masking can be used in development, testing, other non-production environments and outsourcing environment safely, to realize privacy protection of sensitive data.
Product features
Flexible Masking Algorithm
There are not only general basic algorithms, but also many kinds of encryption algorithms for different sensitive types, including replacement, shielding, truncation, encryption, interval encryption, interval replacement, key information retention, automatic generation and so on. Masking rules desensitize sensitive fields according to the type of the sensitive set. It also supports to find out the sensitive fields in the current database by customizing the sensitive data format.
Support Multiple Forms of Data masking
Support date, address, email, bank account number, mobile phone number and other common sensitive data formats. By adding sensitive sets, you can specify sensitive fields of one or groups of database users, tables, and columns for a sensitive type. Support database-to-database, database-to-text, text-to-database, or text to text masking.
Comprehensive Data Security
The saving time of the operation logs can be configured to record the operation log in detail, which can not only meet the audit requirements of the user's operation behavior, but also prevent excessive records saved in the controller database affecting the access speed. With perfect account authority management, during the whole masking process, data will not be interfered thus ensuring data security.
Good Data Availability
The masking process is easy to operate, and the desensitized data remains the original relevance without affecting the data use. It can be used in multiple business scenarios and meet the masking requirements of regulatory authorities.
Application scenario
Data Analysis / Mining
ndustry Supervision / Audit
Data masking between Heterogeneous Databases
Compatibility List
Support data masking of Oracle, MySQL and other databases.

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