Product overview
i2Backup, a powerful enterprise-level data backup management software, provides a complete data protection mechanism for the mixed environment of Windows and Linux, and protects data backup from work groups to servers. Administrators can manage all of operations for backup and recovery via graphical interface, and formulate a unified backup strategy for enterprises. It can also be applied as backup and recovery solutions for Oracle, SQL Server database, etc.
Product characteristics
Support Multiple Recovery Modes
Support Multiple Operating Systems
Extensible Structure
Simplified Operation
Application scenario
Scheduled Backup of Database
File-level Scheduled Backup
Scheduled Backup of Block Devices
Compatibility List
Windows:Windows Server2003/2008 Standard Version/ Enterprise Version/ Data Center Version (32bit / 64bit)/ Windows2012 /Windows 10 /Windows 2016
Linux: Redhat/Cent OS 4、5、6、7 Using ext2, ext3, ext4, XFS and other file systems,SUSE 10、11
Browser:IE8.0 and above,Chrome15.0 and above,Firefox12.0 and above

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