Product overview
I2Active database language-level real-time data replication and synchronization software. In the high concurrent transaction scenario of database, it realizes full and incremental synchronization of database, ensures the ultimate consistency of transaction level at the source and target end of database by synchronous verification, and provides advanced functions such as backup and incremental backup of backup database to help users complete disaster tolerance backup and heterogeneity of database in complex application environment. Data migration, data distribution, data warehouse construction and other data integration work.
Product features
Rich Rule Setting
Improving the overall availability of the system
DDL/DML Integrated Real-time Synchronization
Support multiple mapping approaches
Dynamic Loading of Target Library
Fault Tolerant Processing Mechanism
Supporting Target Library Takeover
Application scenario
Online migration across database versions
Data Real-time Replication and Conversion
Remote or local disaster recovery of database
Compatibility List
Operating system version support:Windows、RHEL 5、RHEL 6、 RHEL 7 、SUSE 11 、SUSE 12、AIX 6、AIX 7
Support through proxy: HP-UX、Solaris、AIX 5;
Database support:Compatible with Oracle 10g/11g/12c (pdb database only), PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc; Compatible with Oracle RAC, ADG and other environments。

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