Information2 Academy is an IT science and Industry Research Institute established by British companies. It aims at relying on info2 diversified product solutions and rich case practices, focusing on how various industries can achieve rapid improvement of data and business integration management under the new IT framework, and to improve user data security and business continuity management. For effective practice and guidance.
The Info2 Academy relies on and is rooted in the information application systems of various users around the world - the use scenarios consisting of government, finance, health care, education, transportation, manufacturing, energy, communications, Internet and other industry-wide users.
We insist on "Let the world be ready!" Its mission is to become a service platform in the field of data and business management, including disaster preparedness integration management platform, expert network and Industry Research platform, based on cutting-edge concepts and insights, strong data driving force and typical case accumulation. It provides various data backup, recovery, migration, disaster tolerance and research platforms for industry users. Business continuity management consulting, research, training, evaluation, construction, exercise, operation and maintenance services.
Research scope
Data and Business Management
Future research
DR Intelligent Application, Business Continuous Future Management Model, Disaster Preparedness Value Engineering
Practice level
Data and Application Disaster Preparedness, Business Continuity, Disaster Preparedness Exercise, Disaster Preparedness Model Innovation
Safe and valuable insight into the future
It is an unprecedented opportunity for researchers to find the methods and directions of data and business management to meet the new IT architecture. It is also the responsibility entrusted to researchers by the industry. The British Academy will work with researchers, political and legal institutions, industry associations, user representatives in the field of data and business management to explore and share new models, new values and new ideas about the future.

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