Product overview
I2BOX is an integrated disaster preparedness machine in the UK. It integrates the UK disaster preparedness software and hardware, provides integrated disaster preparedness high availability services, and helps users quickly cut production applications seamlessly and dynamically through advanced byte-level incremental data synchronization and continuous data protection technology, as well as advanced application-level high availability switching technology. Change to emergency center to achieve business continuity. Embedded CDP technology can realize state traceback at any historical time point; British software combines virtualization technology to achieve one-to-one high availability protection in application layer. I2BOX integrated disaster preparedness machine can seamlessly connect various famous IAAS platforms in the business, providing a stable, high performance, large capacity, flexible expansion of the terminal hardware base, providing customers with easy to use, simple maintenance, cost-effective integrated disaster recovery/high availability/cloud disaster preparedness services.
Product characteristics
Engineering Integration, Stability and Efficiency
Powerful and ready-to-use
Mixed deployment, flexible architecture
Support multiple IAAS platforms
Unified management
Application scenario
1U model
2U model
4U model

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