Product overview
i2VP, virtualization backup software, realizes backup and recovery of batch virtual machines without installing any agent inside guest O/S. In virtualization environment, due to vast involved department and vast system quantities, traditional client backup strategy will undoubtedly rise management complexity and maintenance cost. The most remarkable feature of the agent-less virtual backup scheme is that it does not need to deploy any software on the production system, but at the same time it can meet the operational requirements of unified management and centralized monitoring.
Product characteristics
Virtual Machine Protection
Support forward increment/reverse increment backup methods; LAN-free backup; NFS direct access, can backup directly by main storage based on file (NFS); support immediate recovery and rebuild virtual machines.
Virtual Machine Migration
Support the migration of virtual machine to other hosts and data storage, and cross-site migration of virtual machines; support the backup of virtual machines from ESXi host or vCenter point of view; supports data compression at disaster recovery server.
Support Continuous Operation
Support continuous operation plan to achieve protection close to CDP.
Graphical Interface
B/S architecture, full graphical monitoring, management, backup, recovery and statistics; provide statistics, success rate, protection rate, exception information and historical data backup.
Application scenario
Virtual Machine Backup
Virtual Machine Recovery
Build Test Environment
Compatibility List

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