Product overview
Based on the file storage and sharing technology, i2share builds a secure, stable and efficient enterprise cloud drive and secure document management system to realize the centralized storage and management. It provides file synchronization, sharing and management functions, as well as better data privacy protection and group collaboration functions. No matter in the enterprise or in the mobile office scene, files can be managed anytime and anywhere. i2share builds a unified, safe and convenient file management system by file sharing, collaboration and connection with every employee and user, which helps enterprises effectively improve resource integration utilization, reduce information security risks and construction costs, and enhance team cooperation.
Common Problems in Document Management
Product advantage
Multiple Terminals Synchronization
Support the same account login on multiple terminals, and support the synchronization among all devices
Version Retention and Restoration
Version tracking function for files, save all historical versions
Perfect Sharing Management
Direct link sharing saves storage resources and bandwidth, and supports encryption and password verification
File Collaborative Application
Support online collaboration and communication; more than 100 kinds of documents can be previewed online
Open Interfaces
It can be flexibly and seamlessly connected with existing applications, and supports AD-and-LDAP-protocol-based integration and access.
Efficient Management
The organizational structure, like users, groups, enterprises, etc., realize files sharing management.
Custom label Management
Customized labels for files management and induction
Advanced functions
Security File Access
Unique identification, secure transmission, permission setting
Encrypted Storage
Encrypted storage, private protection
Cloud Compatibility
Support object storage of popular cloud platform
Quickly build a private and hybrid Cloud Architecture
Address Book Backup and Recovery
The mobile terminal supports the synchronization of audio and video and the backup and recovery of address book, like SMS, call record, address book and other data.
Partial Deployment
Centralized & Distributed deployment; support object storage architecture; great expansion ability
Account Management
System administrator / security administrator / security audit administrator
Customer case
Project Profit:
Pictures, videos, documents and other unstructured data can be backup; meet the needs of prison staff to work across departments and conduct mobile office; multi-level authority management ensures the data security effectively;
Project Profit:
Provide unified document management services for Intranet user; realize sharing management and collaborative sharing of internal documents;
Desktop documents are stored independent of system, and document access is not affected by the system.
At the same time, it strengthens the management and control of documents and ensures the security of document.
Multiple terminal synchronization, each time the document is synchronized, the document will be automatically synchronized to the external DR integrated appliance;

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