Product overview
I2NAS realizes high-performance software for disaster preparedness of massive data in NAS environment. To solve the problems of large amount of data in traditional NAS disaster preparedness scenarios, unable to install client, consuming a large amount of host resources, and realize quasi-real-time synchronization of data.
Product characteristics
Disaster preparedness capability of mass data
I2NAS can meet TB-level data disaster preparedness requirements, even in scenarios where business data are small files and the number reaches hundreds of millions.
Compatible with Heterogeneous Environment
I2NAS works in the host layer, which can realize data replication and migration between heterogeneous NAS storage, help customers decouple and increase the flexibility of disaster preparedness solutions.
Efficient and secure transmission
It provides bandwidth and data flow control functions. Each replication task can dynamically adjust the bandwidth limitation function according to the time. It supports the function of breakpoint continuation, which can deal with the transmission termination caused by network failure and machine failure in the transmission process. After environment recovery, the replication task can automatically recover and breakpoint continuation.
Disaster preparedness data consistency
In the process of massive data replication and migration, i2NAS supports data consistency comparison, strictly verifies to ensure the consistency of production data and disaster preparedness data, and automatically locates and repairs anomalies found; i2NAS also provides periodic comparison tasks and data comparison reports, which greatly improves the operation and maintenance convenience.
Operational flexibility
It can flexibly select individual files, folders and volumes for protection according to the actual needs, support the selection of files and directories, and provide the functions of mirror and copy of open files to save the amount of data transferred and bandwidth. At the same time, data can be restored, providing flexible recovery mechanisms such as restoring to the local machine, restoring to another machine.
Application scenario
Data migration between heterogeneous NAS storage
Massive medical image data backup
Shared NAS Storage Data Backup
Massive Backup of Securities Image Data
Compatibility List
Operating system:Compatible with SUSE Linux 、Redhat、Ubuntu、Windows operating system and above;Compatible with winning Kirin, Red Flag, FreeBSD, etc.
Application system:Support but not limited to Oracle 、DB2 、Cache 、MySQL 、Informix 、SQL_Server、Exchange、Lotus Notes、Sybase ASE etc
Virtualization Platform:Support but not limited to Microsoft HyperV、VMware、Citrix、OpenStack etc,and domestic server virtualization platforms such as CNware, Huawei Fusionshpere, Huasan, Lenovo, Dawn, Wave, etc.
Public Cloud Platform:Support but not limited to Aliyun, Tencent Cloud, Shengda Yun and Baidu Cloud、AWS、Azure、Huawei Cloud、UCloud、QingCloud etc

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