Usage scenarios
Real-time backup to avoid the harm caused by deletion and alteration
Real time replication
Change at source, real-time replication to target
Bypass monitoring
Files in open state can be copied without worrying about occupancy
Logging changes
Every operation is logged to ensure that the log can be used for recovery.
On-demand recovery
You can specify a time to restore the specified operation to the specified directory
Scheme framework
1. Using i2COOPY, bypass monitoring, real-time capture of data changes, and real-time replication to the target. Using byte-level replication to minimize bandwidth usage
2. Use i2CDP to record every operation in the log. When there is a recovery requirement, according to the log, you can specify a time point, specify the operation to restore the data to the specified location.
3. Support multiple rollbacks, even if the restored data is not the expected data, but also support multiple rollbacks until the data is restored to the desired data.
  Customer case
China Energy Construction Group
Breaking Borders, Mixed Cloud DR Practice
China Mobile Migu Reading Base
Real-time Disaster Preparedness for Massive Small Files
Western Airport
Centralized Backup of Multi-Cluster Business under Virtualization Platform
Xinjiang Public Security Bureau
Continuous data protection to prevent data loss

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