i2CDM, can separate the data copy and provides query, analysis, verification, drill and so on, with no impact on the access of production business and in no need to stop the continuous data protection. The data copy can be quickly recovered to the non-production environment by mounting,during which users can read and write to meet the needs of emergency takeover, disaster recovery drill, development test, etc.
Simple and efficient
block level incremental real-time capture
Good Platform Compatibility
Full machine instant takeover
Less bandwidth occupation
high data security
Local, remote and cloud disaster recovery drill
Production, test, development environment
Data management, extraction and recovery
Full machine DR takeover
Compatibility List
Supports CentOS / RedHat 7 and updated version
The source is compatible with SUSE Linux, RedHat and windows, and continuously supports the updated version.
Support but not limited to Oracle、DB2、Cache、MySQL、Informix、SQL_Server、Exchange、Lotus Notes和Sybase ASE etc.
Support but not limited to Hyper-V, VMware, Citrix, KVM, OpenStack, and others.
Support but not limited to Alibaba cloud, Tencent cloud, Shengdayun, Baidu cloud, AWS, Azure, Huawei cloud, Ucloud and Qingcloud and other cloud platforms.

Protect your data perfectly


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