Use Case
Enterprise files to be centrally managed and shared safely
Remote Office
Work Together though in Different Departments / Regions
Enterprise Data Archiving
Standardize the enterprises management, in which the data of each department should be filed.
Internal data sharing of Enterprise
Intercommunication and sharing of data within the enterprise and distribution of data and documents
Mobile office
Support multi-terminal access and management, realize mobile office
Scheme framework
1. Support centralized and unified management of multi terminal and multi region; the centralized management of enterprises, multi terminal access, and synchronization make it possible for working anywhere with any equipment in anytime.
2. Support archiving of various document, online editing and preview, version retention, thus you can work without worrying about the loss of important data caused by operational errors.
3. The management console supports elastic expansion and encryption; the user files also support self-encryption; file sharing also supports encryption to ensure the security of enterprise data documents.
  Customer case
该平台的作用是实时的 在线的将各个老师和同学的数据集中备份至云平台,每一个用户提供一个账户,该账户具备一定的云存储空间,该客户端的作用是 捕获用户的任何IO操作
针对学校 的每台应用服务器,均需要安装英方软件客户端,该客户端的作用是捕获用户的任何IO操作,将数据实时同步至云平台,根据用户不同的结构化和非结构化数据,我们采用不同的配置策略

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