Difficulties in System Migration

System halt for migration, affects business of the day

Limited quantities of migration systems, lead to poor migration efficiency

Data on heterogeneous storage cannot be migrated, leads to data island

Data security issues in the migration process are concerned, but the migration process is invisible

It is difficult to guarantee data consistency during migration, and the business cannot be resumed normally

Others (cost, service ability, etc.)

Six Advantages of Heat Migration Solutions
Realize the overall business system migration without impact on product service
Support heterogeneous hardware,systems, cross-cloud migration, virtualization platforms migration etc.
One-click operation and the migration can be terminated and rolled back at any time.
The time of the whole migration process is predictable, which ensures migration according to schedule.
It realizes data synchronization between source and target.
Byte-level incremental data transmission.
Main application scenarios
Migration between Local Data Centers
Migration between Virtual Machines
Migration between Clouds
Migration between Physical and Virtual Machines
Migration between Virtual Machine and Cloud
Migration between Local and Cloud
Product interface
User cases
Cooperative partner

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