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Centaline Property is a real estate agent company with new, second-hand, rental and commercial real estate as its main business. With the increasing online business, the group needs to strengthen the works to support the sustainable and stable operation of online business and the security of core business data, especially the protection of global EAS application system and Oracle database system. In view of the existing disaster recovery system, after rigorous demand analysis, the Centaline Property has developed a new multi-level security disaster recovery system through scientific planning.

First, on the foundation of the original production center, Centaline Property added a local disaster recovery center and off-site center, which ensures there being three data centers to function as data storage.

Secondly, in the local production center, besides using EAS load balancing system and Oracle RAC cluster that mentioned above to prevent single point failures, it also uses i2Active that focuses on real-time data synchronization of database to realize Active-Active database, from local database cluster to remote single server in disaster recovery center. Moreover, i2Availability is also applied to realize local high availability of EAS application system. By doing so, the stand-alone server in local disaster recovery center can take over all the service immediately when the business system of Centaline Property fails.

Furthermore, deploying i2BOX in the local disaster recovery center and using the embedded continuous data protection technology, realizes real-time replication and point-in-time recovery for protected data of Centaline Property.

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