Shandong Provincial Academy of Educational Recruitment and Examination


Shandong Provincial Academy of Educational Recruitment and Examination is a sub-office-level institution affiliated to the Education Department of Shandong Province. It is responsible for the entrance examinations of general universities, adult universities, graduate enrollment, self-study examinations, general secondary professional school enrollment, social certificate examinations, CET4&CET6, and high school academic level examinations and others.

Due to the particularity of the industry, Shandong Provincial Academy of Educational Recruitment and Examination has a high requirement for data security and confidentiality. In order to ensure the security of data, the important data of core business system is backed up from Jinan to a safely isolated machine room in Qingdao 310km away via a reinforced Unicom 1G leased line.

Data to be protected in real-time in this project includes:

1. Oracle RAC database under Linux platform, Oracle RAC under Windows platform and HP-UNIX platform.

2. Data backup of MySQL, Oracle and other database as well as other unstructured data under virtualization platform.

3. Data of archiving server which should be backed up to Qingdao

In this project, Information2 provides a set of excellent products with high reliability, which can effectively monitor the foreseeable shutdown (operating system upgrade, backup, software upgrade, etc.) and the unforeseen shutdown (hardware and software failure, operation error, natural disasters, etc.) and it saves the overall cost of the project by making full use of the existing network resources, and provides an excellent quality management system.

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