Why Information2
Unprecedented Cloud Appetency
Compatible with all IT architecture of public cloud, private clouds and hybrid cloud;
Realize the free flowing, protection, application and sharing of user data and business.
Strong Fusion and Protection Ability
various physical machine, super fusion equipment, virtualization, cloud servers;
massive small files, large files, databases; all kinds of domestic and overseas databases; 
All can be taken under the protection of fusion.
Excellent Network Transmission Performance
Byte-level data replication technology and data order transfer technology;
Solve the problem of big data synchronization and consistency in Cloud era.
Support Delivery as a Service
All kinds of backup resources will be delivered in service way;
Enjoy DRaaS.
Domestic and Autonomous Core Technology
A number of patents and software copyright;
guarantee complete autonomy and security of services.
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  • Data disaster recovery solutions to business support system in government department
    Disaster backup solutions
    After years of informationization construction, this procuratorate has formed a perfect information-based business support system and information systemin every district are independent and  operate col
  • The I2software realizes the remote disaster recovery of police system platform
    The public security sub bureau is the” core “of the global network and information application so it bears network connection of more than 1000 global network terminal equipment.And there are many sets of x86 Windows/Linux servers inclu
  • The solution of reomte disaster recovery system of Tongxiang Civil Affairs Bureau
    There are 3 windows platform servers at present in user network environment of Tongxiang Civil Affairs Bureau.
  • The Economic and Information Commission of Zhejiang Province disaster recovery solution
    Basic information of the client: the Economic and Information Commission of Zhejiang Province have total multiple virtual servers, such as DB2 database services need to do disaster protection, when the application is abnormal, switch to sta
  • Centralized disaster recovery center construction project of Hangzhou municipal government
    As the construction and development of government electronic government affairs system around China, disaster recovery and backup of government data has become necessary infrastructure of electronic affairs system.
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution to Lishui Collaborative Office

    Accounts’ requirements: Backup software should support uniform Web monitoring/configuration interface; it  should also support data files backup and protection, various database backup and protection, real-time application protection,
  • Cloud disaster and recovery of Hangzhou Chun’an Bureau of Labor and Social Security
    Human society integration system of Chun’an covers 450K people all over the county, and 10K . Therefore, this important system that government developed for people’s livelihood cannot suffer any disaster. Considering the need of dis
  • Disaster recovery of West Lake Public Security Bureau
    There are several x86 platform Windows/Linux servers in the environment of West Lake Public Security Bureau, including Oracle server, SQL-Server server, Lotus Domino/Note E-mail server and many another business system.
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions of Image System in the Securities Industry
    Background and demand
    In order to achieve standard management, control or reduce the risk and strengthen the monitoring of capital and trade, the securities firm must manage all kinds of original documents efficiently and properly and at th
  • Solutions of multiple points disaster backup in security system
    Disaster backup solution
    This securities company is highly dependent on information technology. Its whole business process is the best embodiment of data flow as characteristics. The data of securities industry is related to investors,
  • Solution to Chaitong Securities Data Backup Project

    Account Background: Caitong Securities backs up its data through backup project to three places, namely Binjiang primary computer room, Jiefang Road computer room, and Shenzhen Securities communication company computer room. The backup t
  • System Migration of Securities Industry

    Demand analysis
    The business systems of the Securities industry include: quotation send system, quotation delivery system, quotation reception system, quotation client server system, transaction system, Settlement system, account op
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery Case: Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Guangdong
    Project background:
    Most modern large enterprises have a large number of servers that provide the users of Internet and Intranet with a variety of different services, such as data base or Email system. Maintaining the business continuity is
  • Medical information systems business continuity solutions

    Disaster recovery solutions to the rapid development of medical IT market, veteran of the “HIS” as the theme of the enterprise to continue to consolidate and expand, and a large number of new technology applications as the main
  • Information2 Software Disaster Recovery Solutions for Taiji Group
    Most modern large-scale enterprises have many servers, providing different service for Internet and Intranet users, such as database or email system. Maintaining the business continuity is an important aspect for today’s enterprise us
  • Remote big data disaster backup for education office system
    Disaster backup solution
    The operators has more than one Windows Server 2003 Server in the environment of the financial department, four of whichare deployed SQL server database containing two-node Cluster and single node. Three other p
  • Disaster recovery solution illustration of Nanjing Education Bureau
    As the rapid development of information technology nowadays, information system has become a indispensable part of the whole education system. There is no data protection of existing system. Once abnormality occurs to the servers, system wi
  • The disaster recovery solution of Shanghai University of science and technology

     Shanghai University of science and technology is a innovaton oriented university with a small scale, high level and internation which is jointly organized by Shanghai Municipal People’s government and the Chinese Academy of Science
  • Zhejiang University cloud backup Sharing Center Solutions

    Zhejiang University has the existing 44874 full-time students in school now.Among them: 13704 graduate students, 8241 doctoral students and 22929 undergraduate students.Another 3156 were foreign students, there are 3243 full-time teachers.
  • Backup, migration and disaster recovery of private cloud of East China Normal University
    Established in 16th Nov,1951, and based on the Daxia University(1924) and Guanghua University(1925), East China Normal University imported some departments of Fudan University, Tongji University, Zhejiang University and St. John’s U
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